We’ll try this

Okay, new to this site and suddenly my mind goes totally blank. And no I don’t need caffeine. I did a 55 minute turbo workout from hell and that was more than enough to shake me and wake me. Hold on, let me go get inspired. Hopefully I will return inspired and not melancholy.

Well I think I have my head on now. Today I spent time writing about Marrok and Arienne. He keeps fighting the fact that she is his mate. It’s really for two reasons. 1) he can’t believe that after all this time he could have a mate. 2) he’s not entirely sure that she will accept him. His confidence was greatly shaken (to put it mildly) due to the fiasco with Ana. As for Arienne. Well she’s a realist or so she professes. She knows that there is something powerful between them and she realizes that she is losing her heart to him. Yet she still cannot fathom that someone like Marrok would have those same deep feelings for her. It’s gonna take her awhile. No maybe not. If he’d only open his mouth and tell her, then she’d tell him, and voila we’d have a happy couple who were destined for one another. But where would the fun be in that. We all know that nothing in life comes easy. That it is the journey and not the destination that shapes us. Makes us better people. Or not. The choice is really ours. For Arienne and Marrok the road will be a bit bumpy but not nearly so much as they think at the moment. I for one believe in happy endings and shall endeavor to see that all of the people in my head end up with one. Now if only I could work that kind of magic in real life…


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One Response to We’ll try this

  1. Fred says:

    Congrats on starting your blog, Katy! I look forward to reading all your postings.

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