Leaves changing color in So. Cal

I know. Be still my heart. The leaves here have been changing color and falling for over a week now. To everyone who lives in cooler climes you’re probably laughing. I know this is not a big deal to you. Here though it’s a very big deal. Well, at least to me. Yes, certain trees do lose their leaves every year but they usually just fall looking dead. But not this year. Is is magic in the air? Maybe. I know that we had a surprising cold spell here and that is likely what induced the change. I’d prefer not to over analyze it though and just savor the moment.  So savoring it I am. Every morning as I drop the kids off at school I have the opportunity to drive down a few streets where the change is very much in evidence.

Personally, I find nature inspirational in a way seperate from music. It evokes a different sense of something. It’s hard to explain. I suppose whatever it is would be considered more organic in nature. Today I began dabbling with research of a historical nature. Yes, I know there have been loads and loads of historical romance books written. I just can’t seem to resist.  I’m being pulled in that direction. Marrok and Arienne are still marinating in my mind and they’ve again spent the night together. Perhaps it’s that I am a bit overwhelmed by writing about their passion for one another. I know it’s probably bad to put a nearly finished book aside and begin another. But honestly what do you do when your mind is taking you there. I could resist. I doubt that would leave me a happy girl though.

So what will be different about the historical that I have planned. Well, first off the story is something that I dreamed it in it’s entirety. Yes, you read that correctly. One night I had this crazy dream about a young women who’d been raised in America but schooled in England whose father had made his fortune in America but was then notified that he’d inherited a title and lands. But that’s not all. And I shan’t reveal the rest. There are several twists that surprised even me when I woke up. I’ll admit, I have a strange/unusual imagination and always have. I suppose that’s why I’ve always loved writing. Why I put it off so long. Well I know why. I figured it would be something that I would do when I had ample time on my hands (ie. retirement). I have to say that changing my mind about this has been the best thing that I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Plus it is entertaining my friends and that is always a plus. =)


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