Sometimes all it takes is…

The smell of a yummy candle burning… breakfast and coffee with a really good friend… shopping and finding that you’ve dropped a shirt size… taking in the fluffy white clouds and blue sky and feeling happy to be alive… getting a new ringtone for your cell phone so you don’t have to sound like a geek when it rings… water… exercise… brightly wrapped packages in abundance under the tree… a nutcracker wearing a kilt (because no one I’m involved with will wear one for me)… giving another good friend a present that she will enjoy and actually liked… knowing same friend will have a fabulous xmas break… did I mention the candle?… the sound of children’s laughter from outside… a light breeze blowing through the window… clean air… a feeling of peace and contentment (if not exactly perfect happiness)… knowing that where I am today is okay and that the near future brings better things… knowing true love does exist… knowing that some people are cherished… believing that I can be “that” girl.. err.. woman… having wonderful friends!… bubbles… the gift of creativity… being able to help others… reading a good book… discussing same book with a friend… writing… sharing ideas/plot with friend and getting input… Audrey Hepburn movies… having a cousin and friend who are ‘wierd like me’… believing in the impossible… making it possible… a warm snuggly child with hugs for mom… hot cocoa on a cold night… hot tea on a cold morning… gazing at the moon and stars… wondering if anyone is gazing back… travel… learning new things… expanding your view of the world… good music with even better lyrics… the sound of acoustic guitar… the sound of piano… cheesecake… chocolate… RED WINE!… plane take-offs… horseback riding… dreams… to be grateful for… life…


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2 Responses to Sometimes all it takes is…

  1. bluestar2012 says:

    Audrey Hepburn was/is not only my favorite actress, but also is so inspirational in the manner in which she approached life; with humility, dignity and grace she brought a great love of humanity with her as she walked her path.
    I have a large print from Breakfast at Tiffany’s hanging in our home. I’m not sure having heros is a good idea, but Audrey Hepburn has been close to that in my life. Probably less hero and more of an ideal to guide me at times.

    • katjameson says:

      Yes, I highly approve of the way in which she used her celebrity. I believe that people who are granted fame have a responsibility to make positive changes if they can (rather than use drugs and feel sorry for themselves). Undoubtably she had talent but she also had the drive and ambition to believe in her dream, which I feel is the deciding factor. This is especially true when we are thinking about the longevity of fame and fortune. Eeeks, these days it’s rather scary how many untalented people are “entertainers”. Although thankfully they are normally quick flashes in the pan. Btw… I’m also a lover of Gene Kelly. What an athlete!

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