Rainy days

It’s raining today. It’s been raining all weekend and they say that it will continue for the better part of the week. I was hoping to see the lunar eclipse tonight but I suppose that won’t be possible with all of the cloud cover. I do enjoy the sound of the rain falling… now if only we could have some thunder and lightning and I’d be a happy girl.

So it makes me wonder. How would Arienne and Marrok spend a rainy day. Both of them being nature lovers, it’s not like they would object to being out in the rain. They wouldn’t necessarily stay inside like us So. Cal residents do.  But if they did stay inside, how would they manage to pass a day alone in the quiet of the rain? Watch old movies snuggled up on a sofa? Marrok give Arienne a full body massage? Or that reversed? Cause I know that she’d just hate to run her hands over all of those muscles of his. It’s not like she’s been dying to do that or anything. Maybe they would cook something together. And sip fine red wine while snacking on cheese or veggies while the meal cooks. I think if they went that route, then there would be some chocolate dipped strawberries involved. Or maybe they would do some shopping on the internet for Julien and Laurel and the boys and have it shipped off quickly to make it to Maine by Christmas. Of course there is always the easy way out and they’d spend the day together in bed. Perhaps that would include taking a bath in an oversized jacauzzi tub together. With fragrant bubbles of course and candlelight.

Yes, I’m a romantic sap. I admit it. If left to it’s own devices my mind would wallow through all of the romantic cliches happily. Well, not exactly all of the time…. but truly can you think of a better way to spend a rainy day? I think I may have to break out an old movie and watch the kids run for cover. 😉


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