The light and/or the dark

Interesting thoughts are running through my mind. I was reading Gerry Bartlett’s blog and let’s just say that she is having less than a stellar day today. I whole-heartedly agree with her that the day today is somehow off. Actually for me it’s been a few days now. Anyhow, somehing she wrote in response to my comment struck a chord.

So what do you think… does what you’re reading have the power to effect your mood? It sounds possible, especially if you’re the type of person who is susceptible to subtle influences. Personally, if I think back to what I was reading when the funk overtook me I’d have to say that it was not all that dark. It was a YA series and all of the main characters and even the secondaries were intact at the end of the book. So no, not dark/dark. Of course there were some evil beings causing trouble, but that doesn’t count, I mean almost every book has a villian of some sort. 

But… how about… what you are writing? How does that influence your mood? I believe that writing something should have much more impact than simply reading something. Of course I’m assuming a lot here, which is that most writers immerse themselves in their characters and plot to the extent where it can and probably does effect their mood.

Take Marrok for an example. When I was writing Julien and Laurel’s story suddenly Julien had an Uncle Marrok. He came out of nowhere honestly but when he did I was really quite happy. Here he is, this super hot Alpha wolf, who is a man in every sense of the word. He pushed himself to the front of my mind after I wrote the first scene with him in it and after I wrote the second, his story began to unfold. Naturally he got his own book. How could I resist him, he’s not only a super hunk but someone that I would be proud to be friends with. His story has effected me. Writing about the pain in his life before modern times was not a great day. Writing about his mate and some bad things that happened to her was not a great day either. The most telling of all is that I had to stop after Marrok and Arienne “got together” because their relationship was too intense and emotionally charged for me to write about it at the time. It was one of those things where, being honest, I have to say that I was fully jealous of the relationship that they will have together.

But I prefer not to wallow. For long anyway. So, I guess in the end it has to be about balance. Mostly light with just enough dark to provide your characters with some emotional depth. Because lets face it, someone who has never experienced any type of adversity just wouldn’t be very interesting. Nor would they appear very real. Because that’s life as we know it, anywhere on the planet and possibly beyond.


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One Response to The light and/or the dark

  1. Fred King says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful posting, Katy. Rant or not, I still enjoyed it.

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