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Faithful much?!

Something that I saw today bothered me. Christine Ashworth and I were being our usual selves at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Which means we were getting caffeinated, writing and chatting. We hadn’t been there long when a man sat … Continue reading

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A book review… Demon Soul

My review of Demon Soul by Christine Ashworth I LOVE paranormal and I’ve read just about everything paranormal, except demon books. Why? Well, when I think demon, I think traditional Hollywood stereotypes. Hellfire, brimstone, hulking blackened creatures lacking souls or … Continue reading

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To Bree or not… well you get it

This week I have been dabbling in the realm of young adult and today reading some of it back to my daughter I’m not so sure about it. First off my concept has changed since I started writing it again … Continue reading

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