A book review… Demon Soul

My review of Demon Soul by Christine Ashworth

I LOVE paranormal and I’ve read just about everything paranormal, except demon books. Why? Well, when I think demon, I think traditional Hollywood stereotypes. Hellfire, brimstone, hulking blackened creatures lacking souls or any other redeeming qualities. And truthfully how could the smell of rotting eggs ever be considered sexy. So I’ve avoided them. Until now.

What’s so different about Demon Soul that I would dare venture into a demon tale? Actually, it’s right there in the title. Christine Ashworth’s demons have souls. Interesting. Reading the blurb further assures me that I wouldn’t be dealing with a stereotypical demon. And believe me, these demons are NOT and I repeat NOT gross smelly demons. While the author may have had a big bad image in her mind when she wrote about these dudes in their full demon forms (when they kick ass) that’s only a part of who they are.

So, who are they? The Caine family are tri-breds. A crafty combo of demon and fae mixed with the best of humanity (which makes them multi-racial). We have; Gabriel, Justin, Kellan (cousin) and at the very end Gregor (book 2, out soon). The Caine’s are all very different personalities but you never doubt that they are family on a very basic level. Demon Soul is the story of Gabriel Caine, the youngest of the three brothers.

Gabriel is a complicated man who has amassed an enormous amount of guilt in his life. It’s shaped him in both positive and negative ways. When we meet him, he’s spent time away from his family and has lost most of his soul to a mean bitchy soul stealing vampire. He is in touch with his demon side and this bothers him. He doesn’t like what he is capable of when he ‘goes demon’.

Enter Rose Walters. At first I couldn’t figure out what her deal was but don’t ask me because I won’t tell you and ruin the surprise. Just know that it’s a concept that I’ve not read before, so you probably haven’t either. Something fresh in paranormal. That makes it worth buying the book right there. Okay, so about Rose. She’s ‘back’ to help Gabriel reclaim his soul. Along the way she has to battle her own personal ‘demons’. This isn’t easy as she’s also fighting an intense attraction to do more for/with Gabriel than just save his soul. Rose wisely enlists the help of Maggie, a hereditary witch who has some sweet powers (we’ll see Maggie again in the next book).

What I liked: The story moved. Christine is good at developing her characters and their relationships to each other through dialogue. She used real life issues to give the characters depth. The hero, Gabriel is likable. He’s flawed, he knows it and he works to overcome that. Who can resist an imperfect strong man who can love, not me.

So-so: I think it took Rose awhile to find her balls (yup I’m Ms. Blunt). Maggie seems to already have a set so we don’t need to worry about her. I also think if Gabriel were a real man the thing with him and Rose would have played a bit differently, but this is fiction people, clearly. It’s meant to be read and enjoyed, so head on over to Amazon and download your copy now. If you’re a Nookie like me then B&N will have it soon.

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2 Responses to A book review… Demon Soul

  1. Nice review. Rounded and interesting.

    Her book sounds fun.

    I, too, prefer my demons to be non-stinky. 😉

  2. Maria says:

    Cannot wait to read this one and your review makes me even more excited!

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