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Writing at 4:30 in the morning because you can’t sleep and you’ve only just gone to bed at midnight can lead to some fairly nonsensical stuff.

Right. I’m not the only one. Writers keep odd hours. I think it must have something to do with the creative process. Either that or we were all dropped on our heads as babies. Hmmm, that is a possibility. Maybe the jolt unlocked something creative inside our minds. As an RN I can’t discount the possibility, at least not entirely.

lol… not enough sleep = silly Kat
(and that is with a good dose of caffeine)

So to Calan and Tessa. I’ve been mulling their story over much more than the others I’ve written. I think I know why too. In my mind the end of this book signals the end of my time off from real world work. Well news flash. Real world work has to happen so it’s time I wrap things up with the book already.

Calan is a warrior of old with strong values. Ever serving others he has close ties to friends/family but has never been with a woman he really wanted to keep. In fact he believes that love is for others but not meant for his kind. In life he is stubborn and determined. And now someone is out to kill him. Or rather they believe they’ve already succeeded. This grants him a bit more autonomy than he would have had otherwise throughout the course of the story.

Tessa also serves others. She chose a job that would allow her to use her talents to change things for the better. But even in a family who loves her she’s always felt different. And with her level of psychic ability how could she not be. When she meets Calan she finds him 100% mouthwateringly sexy… but… he also makes her madder than anyone ever has before. Not to mention she wants nothing at all to do with the preternatural world he informs her of. She’s not happy when she has to accept her place in that world to help save her cousin. Forced to work with Calan she is definately not going to get involved with him, as that sort of thing is strictly against her policy.

The heat between the two is palpable. And I fully intend to use it and torture them both until they break and one of them throws the other down and gets on with things.

Okay… enough procrastinating. Today Calan and Tessa will travel to a small unnamed village in Poland where a group of lycans has been eliminated by MAN. It’s where they begin to realize that something is very wrong and suspect more than they had before that someone in the council is involved. After that things will move fairly quickly to the end of the book. lol still procrastinating…. nope that’s it! I’m going now. Promise. I’ll just post this. Refill coffee. And then be writing. Err… that is until it’s time to get kiddos off to school. 😉


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